How can I download WSO2 Developer studio? - download

I am trying to download WSO2 Developer studio, ask me to enter my credentials and nothings happens. I am using macOS. How can I download WSO2 Developer studio?

You can find releases of Developer Studio here


while opening Android studio 3.1.3 it is showing sdk missing

I download android studio from its website.
After downloading it is showing missing Software development kit and i search on net their is no Software development kit file.
Just when the android studio starts go to the bottom right and select configure choose sdk manager and from there you can download missing sdk.

App not installed error during development process

My app is working fine on my phone which i use for development. But as I am using the app on any other phone I does not install with an error of 'App Not Installed'.
Create a release version of the app or you can also try creating a signed-release version of the app.
Reffer to this documentation from Google link
Create a release version of the app or you can also try creating a signed-release version of the app.
Check this link out
It has good documentation
Sign Your App | Android Studio - Android Developers

Implementing Android Licensing Library (LVL) in android studio 3.0.1

Can you tell me if it is possible to implement the Licensing Library in Android Studio 3.0.1?
I did internet research but all the answers are from 2013/2014.
If someone has an example project that can help me.
Or was LVL discontinued by Google?
If LVL has been discontinued, what is the best alternative to verify that an app was purchased from the google play store?
The LVL seems to be still present, you can download the tool with the SDK manager (I just installed in Android Studio 3).
Anyway, you can check your published apps in the developer console

how to install android studio 2.0 offline complete

how i can install android studio complete offline.
because my internet is slow.
thanks in advance.
I need to install android studio in many pc. So, i wish if there is any way to install android studio lattest version offline by downloading all the offline file just once time.

How to Integrate Facebook sdk for android development on Eclipse

I am relatively new to Eclipse IDE and want to build facebook login option in my android app. I looked up developers.facebook documentation but can't find one for Eclipse IDE (they have it for Android Studio). So i want to know if it is possible? (if yes then how could it be done?)