No schema shows up while configurating hibernate configuration wizard - java

I'm learning how to use hibernate in Java, and when I try to make the configuration file I encounter this problem.
This is the connection customize:
After I click next:
There are no schemas for me to choose, I wonder what did I do wrong?


SQL dialects are not visible

I have problem with creating SQL file in IntelliJ IDEA. I'm following some course. I don't have something like that:
And also my file looks different than that from this course.
It's my SQL file icon:
my icon:
And it's SQL file icon from this course:
icon from course:
What is wrong and how can I change dialect?
I assume you are using spring boot and probably an in-memory database. In that case, you do not have to be concerned about this warning.
Please be certain to provide database details in the properties or yaml file, as specified by the course.
And about the icon, it must be mainly due to the difference in the IntelliJ version.

“Generate entities from table” (MS Access) in Eclipse via UCanAccess

I created a JPA project to use the tool Generate entities from Table to create an Entitie from a big big! MS Access Database Table.
I'm trying to use UCanAccess as JDBC Driver:
But when I test the connection I get this error:
Somebody knows what can I try to make it works?
Is there any other good tool to generate entities from table?
I have created a simple class to test UCanAccess and my database and everything works right.
It looks like there is something bad in your JDBC URL, e.g.:
Notice that the IDE can't know how the JDBC URL should be composed.
This seems to be working for me:

JPA 2.0 is not showing the tables in the schema in myEclipse professional 2013

I want to generate entity classes from database tables through JPA, i have made a new driver in the myeclipse and after creating a connection with it in database explorer, all the tables are showing in the dbo schema but the problem is when i try to create entities from tables through JPA, i cant see the tables of which i want to create entity. In table list JPA is showing the tables which are not even in the DBO Schema.
Please help me out
I want to create entity class for project table but its not showing, however in db browser it is showing.
I am using myEclipse professional 2013 and jpa 2.0, database is sql server 2008 ,jdk 1.6 and jdbc driver is sqljdbc4.jar
I solved the problem, when you are creating a EJBProject, when giving datasource name, give the detail about database connection at that time and select override default catalog from connection to be pointed at your database and same for the schema
You seem to be using a wizard that isn't part of MyEclipse but part of some DALI support which should be turned off in MyEclipse, as those functions are supplied by MyEclipse. Right click on the project and select "Generate Entities and DAOs" to generate your entities. Full details here.
Check in Window/Preferences/General/Capabilities then Advanced/MyEclipse Standard Tools and make sure the "DALI Deprecated" option is not selected (do the same for other deprecated or "Leave Off" options). If you've installed some DALI plugins separately, I suggest you remove them.

Unable to create model classes from DB schema using reversed engineering using hibernate configuration

I am new to Hibernate and trying to create annotation based Model classes from MYSQL database using reversed engineering(i.e, hibernate-configuration option of jBoss).
However after searching I found this link:, but this link does not show how to create annotation based model classes from mysql schema.
I am using Eclipse Kepler and Add the following URL to your Eclipse Kepler 4.3 installation, via:
Help > Install New Software… > Work with:
Then select the individual features that you want to install:
Could anyone please suggest what else needs to be done? Attached are the screen shot from my eclipse workspace for reference.
Please guide me soonest possible
So it's not giving me any output with annotations, all model classes without mappings are generating with *.hbm files. Please, Please help
I want model classes with hibernate mapping on that (i.e, without .hbm files).
After researching I was able to solve this issue. I should be creating a JPA project and through JPA Tools options, I can generate Entities from tables.

Hibernate does not create Java classes. What can I do?

I am using NetBeans 6.5.1 and Hibernate 3.2.5.
I stepped through this tutorial by using a different, existing database (Oracle 10g XE). The creation of the config file works fine, as well as the creation of the class. The tutorial then wants me to run the reverse engeneering wizard, but this wizard does not exist. Instead I was using the "Hibernate Mapping Files and POJOs from Database".
There I have selected the tables I want to map and enabled "JDK 5 Language Features", "Domain Code" and "Hibernate XML Mappings". After selecting the package and clicking finished the "hibernate.reveng.xml" file is created and that's all.
There are no Java classes and NetBeans does not prompt me a message why nothing is created. What is wrong? Am I missing something and what should I do next?
This tutorial shows how it should work with 6.5 (yeah I know,... beta). The steps to perform are exactly the steps I did, but still no classes are created.
Did you make a Hibernate.cfg.xml? I suppose so, even though I didn't read the whole tutorial to find out.As from what you are describing you are using a plugin/tool to generate mappings.
Make sure that your hibernate.cfg.xml is configured right. Saves lifetime.
installing a logger would also help you point where it goes wrong. (commons-logging or log4j).
If you really want to use hibernate, use maven/ant and generate your mappings, and anything you want with HibernateTools (in maven that would be ). It will in the end, save you a lot of time and trouble. I'm not sure what netbeans uses to generate these, but I tried it in 6.8 and the results were everything but perfect, compared to what maven gave me.
I got the same problem using NB 6.9.1. Having searched further, it appeared that there is a known bug in that version. Bug ref 190740
However, not totally satisfied with ("its a bug" as an answer) I tried it in NB 6.8 and got the same problem. After manually creating the POJOs and the mapping files as per the section at the end of the tutorial entitled "Creating POJOs and Mapping Files Individually" I then proceeded with the remainder of the tutorial and hit an error when trying to test the HQL. This actually highlighted an error in the Hibernate Configuration file editor, that is used at the beginning of the tutorial:
In the section "Modifying the Hibernate Configuration File", the tutorial says to add a property in the Miscellaneous Properties node of the hibernate.cfg.xml. If you follow the instruction and type the property value in by hand as per the tutorial then all well and good, BUT if - like me - you are a little lazy ;-) and use the design tab of the Netbeans editor to edit this property, then instead of entering the value "org.hibernate.hql.classic.ClassicQueryTranslatorFactory", you will doubtless choose the value "org.hibernate.hql.classic.ClassicQueryTransactionFactory" from the dropdown. It looks rather similar but in fact, No!, the editor has a spelling mistake: i.e it says "TransACTION" instead of "TransLATOR".
When I corrected this (i.e. set the property value to:
<property name="hibernate.query.factory_class">
and (importantly, I believe) REBUILT the project (I think I may also have restarted Netbeans for good measure although I'm sure that wasn't not strictly necessary), suddenly the "Hibernate Mapping Files and POJOs" wizard started strutting it stuff! This worked for me in both NB6.8 and NB6.9.1. So now I can delete all the sakila.entity.* POJOs and also the resources/sakila.entity.* mapping files (and remove the <mapping /> entries it has created in the hibernate.cfg.xml file) et voila! the Mapping and POJO wizard will create them for me again no probs.
Hope that helps